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$20 Adults | $15 Children | FREE 4 and under

Active Military FREE with I.D.
Welcome to GREAT Galveston Ghost Tours…the most haunted place in America. A cemetery as big as the island with a beach attached. 10,000 souls lost their lives in one night and they’re all still here dyeing to meet you. Filled with horror, Galveston’s Ghost history is unmatched with episodes of murder, suicide, cannibalism, pirates, ghosts and visions that will plague your very soul. Unworldly visions that cannot be rationally explained.  The stories that you’ll hear as we venture on our 1½ hour walking Ghost Tour, past the gilded mansions and palaces are only whispered about on Galveston.  People here are too afraid to open a dialog with the dead… afraid to unlock the gates of hell. We’ll unravel the horrible, scary secrets that lurk inside the ghost sanctuaries… secrets kept for the past 150 years! We have researched stacks of photographs and letters from those who won’t stay dead! We dive warily into the haunted past and uncover the reasons why this unstoppable paranormal force still grips the island. Bring your garlic, crosses and silver bullets as we descend into the ghost hunt darkness. This Ghost tour is for believers and nonbelievers alike. You’ll turn from skeptic to ghost hunter and learn about Galveston’s unparalleled and fascinating paranormal history along way.  This tour is appropriate for all ages. But beware, you may have to run fast…
very fast to escape the clutches of the ghosts.


Johnny Zombie your Ghost Medium!

A tour guide with years of experiences, from historical consultant to television shows, to the haunted streets of Galveston, TX. Ms. Johnny Zombie will have the answers to all of your paranormal questions and is ready to  fill your mind with the dark history of Galveston ghosts.

The John Sealy Mansion



John Sealy wanted the best for his family so he decided to build them the largest and most lavish house on the Island. The children's play room was in the attic and had a Broadway stage. To this day the children continue to perform for anyone brave enough to witness the stage doors opening and closing by themselves. Magnolia Sealy, the head of the household is seen wandering the halls too shy to speak with visitors.


normandy inn

Only one person ever liked living at the Normandy Inn and that was the man who brought Satanism to the island. One week after construction, a young boy threw himself out of the window… AND LIVED. When asked why he did such a thing, he replied, “Something evil was going to kill me.” Now The Normandy Inn has become a pilgrimage site for those who practice voodoo, black magic, Satanism and witch craft.  Many sacrificial rituals have taken place here including… A HUMAN!  To this day, it is still used as a portal the hell. We tread very wearily when visiting this house.

The Normandy Inn
Home of the infamous Robert Durst



Robert Durst turned this homely duplex into a butcher shop when he chopped Morris Black into pieces and filled two garbage bags… WITH THE BODY PARTS.  A looming darkness is felt by all who stand in front of the house, even before learning the terrifying fate met by Morris Black. The heinous dismemberment of Morris paints a horrifying picture, much like his blood painted the floors. Today, Morris lingers on, hunting for his head.



The extremely wealthy eccentric Betty Brown’s spirit is forever roaming the elegant halls of Ashton Villa. Many have seen Betty wearing a turquoise dress and carrying a fan during lavish event held at the mansion. Even death can’t keep Betty from being the life of the party…and scare the guests half to death.

The Ashton Villa historial home
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