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Welcome Goblins and Ghouls to GREAT! Galveston Ghost Tours. If you are in the spirit for a haunting adventure, look no further…except right behind you, if you dare!


Kooky and Spooky!


GREAT! Galveston Ghost Tours is a different kind of tour altogether, with spooks, surprises and startles waiting around every corner. It’s informative, scary and oh so entertaining!


Jeepers creepers! Your ghastly tour guide, Johnny Zombie, introduces you to some of the island’s less lively gang, sharing tales of the haggard souls who perished long before us but still lurk outside some of the most haunted mansions in America. After all, Galveston is nothing but a cemetery with a beach attached! The deadliest island in the U.S. and the home of the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.


Zoinks! Walking in the shadows of the gilded mansions, anticipate edge-of-your-seat storytelling that may only scare you half to death, if you’re lucky. But, surely there’s nothing to be afraid of…or is there?


Holy Moly! You and the rest of your group of poltergeist seekers will soon be searching for sanctuary from the dead. So, it’s time to gather your garlic, crosses and favorite pair of running shoes for this spine-chilling trek through the dark streets of Galveston Island. But beware, there are bugaboos and hobgoblins just dying to meet you.

Scary photo of a woman
Scary photo of a girl
Spooky picture of person

"I only had 2 hours of sleep because of all the people! You would think they could keep it down in MY house."

"The kids are great but they always seem to scream when I greet them at the door."

"It gets lonely in this spooky place, so glad to have fresh souls to pick from!"

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