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Tickets Pricing

$ 25 for Adults  $ 15 Children  Active Military FREE with I.D.
Parental discretion advised 
 Under 16 not admitted without a parent
Tours meet at 27th Street and Market in front of Gypsy Joynt.
(2711 Market St, Galveston, TX 77550)



Explore Galveston's Secret Red Light District known as "THE LINE". You heard about it, You've talked about it. Now experience it! Galveston's Red Light District is a mystery waiting to unfold! This is your chance to join one of the long established and highly rated guided tours of the HISTORIC AND NOTORIOUS neighborhood.


Galveston's most controversial neighborhood was known worldwide as a haven for sex.  Love was sold by the hour...but most of the time for 15 minutes. At its heart was Postoffice Street, were once over 55 houses of prostitution flanked both sides of the street. You'll get a special feeling knowing that you are experiencing the suppressed history of America's largest Red Light District... that at its height was home to over 1,000 prostitutes!


Apart from its erotic and hedonistic side, the tour will give you a chance to admire a beautiful old neighborhood displaying an amazing old style of authentic architecture. The streets we visit were the economic engine to the city...making Galveston once the second richest in the country. We also explore the socio-economic conditions that allowed "THE LINE" to flourish and last longer than any other Red Light District in the country, 70 years!


Experienced local guides give you a thorough overview of the Red Light District, sharing the history and legends of this mysterious and internationally fabled place. Meet tourists from all over the world who share a passion for unique history! Learn more about the world’s  oldest profession as it was practiced in the largest Red Light District in America!


Our tour starts every day at 8:00pm in front of The Gypsy Joynt Restaurant located at 2711 Market Street, just a five minute walk from The Historic Galveston Stand". The tour lasts 1.5 hours as we stroll to some of Galveston’s most important, famous and hidden sites. You'll get that mesmerizing feeling that you are experiencing extraordinary history...on "THE LINE".


Today "THE LINE" and The Strand, just a few blocks to the north, are Galveston's famous downtown neighborhoods.  It's difficult to imagine now how underappreciated they once were or how close we came to losing each of them.


Widely popular, our tours fill-up fast!  Don't be disappointed....BOOK EARLY! Galveston's Red Light District Tour is a mature content themed stroll through the internationally infamous red light district in the abandoned neighborhoods that coined Galveston as "Sin City" and "Pleasure Island."  A big brother version of our world famous Historic Galveston Ghost Tour, the red light tour is steamier and totally inappropriate for young children. If you feel your child is mature enough to handle the content, please be advised the tour will not be abbreviated and the  content unaltered in any way because of their age. You alone are the best judge.



Galveston’s red light district lasted for over 70 years as a unique successful industry because of the combination of social and economic conditions on the island. One of the factors that contributed the longevity was the existence of the mob who controlled the booze and gambling. Vices came in threes; drinking, gambling and prostitution. The vices were tolerated on the island because it filled the hotels. 2% of the population worked directly for the mob, 20% worked indirectly. 

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They came from all over the country because Galveston was where the money and the action was, but only the beautiful stayed because of the fierce competition. The "soiled doves" as they were known, sold love by the hour (or every 15 minutes). Those considered less attractive migrated to the Wild West. They paid rent and 40% commission to the Madams. They worked three weeks on and one week off. They would service sometimes up to 25 clients in a night, making up to $450 per week ($4,000 in today's money). Constantly subjected to harassment by the police, venereal disease and violence, it was no easy life. Despite the high wages, suicide was prevalent, often as a result of drinking mercury to induce abortion. With advancing age they were required to move to the lower-end houses where the wages were reduced significantly.


"Everybody in our group had a great time we drove from down from Houston and we are not disappointed. Highly recommended."

"The grown-ups and the teenagers all found something we could enjoy together! GREAT family memories were made. Thank you!"

"My husband actually loved it. I am intrigued by Galveston's ladies of the night and he is intrigued by Galveston's amazing history. Great tour!"

"This was super fun for our entire group. John made us feel right at home and even made a special stop for our private party. We will be back for sure."



Some of the most successful women in Galveston were the madams. Rising through the ranks, most were former prostitutes who saved their money for old age...25 years! They bought or leased houses and would only entertain certain visitors or distinguished guests in their private parlors. The madams had working relationships with the politicians, police, pimps and gangsters. Extremely shrewd, they could navigate their way through the myriad of demands placed upon them. Some retired as millionaires and took their place in "proper society". 




Beautiful and elegant Victorian Mansions, built before the Civil War. When the downtown business district was expanded by the Union Army, Postoffice Street was split in two and the houses between 25th and 33rd on Postoffice declined in value and became less desirable. They were readily snapped up by the shrewd madams of New Orleans who knew a bargain when they saw one. Close to the port and downtown business districts, these elegant but worthless houses were in an ideal location. The houses were uniformly painted white with either green or grey shutters as a shrewd marketing device by the madams. The higher-end and elegant houses were located directly on Postoffice Street. The alleys and cross streets were lined with "cribs" where sex could be had for a quarter. 



• Content may NOT be appropriate for children under 16.

• Parental discretion advised.
  Under 16 not admitted without a parent

• Tours meet daily at 6, 8 and 10pm

• Tours meet at 27th Street and Market St. in front of
  Patrick's Bar. (2711 Market St, Galveston, TX 77550)


• Please arrive 15 minutes early.

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Complete operator information, including local telephone numbers at your destination, are included on your e-ticket. You must bring e-ticket(s) on your tour, as they serve as proof of purchase.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the Standard Cancel Refund Policy prior to booking your ticket

  • Prices may vary and are subject to availability by season, weekend, and/or holiday.

  • While we will make every effort to maintain a regular operation, we reserve the right to cancel a scheduled tour and issue a full refund to affected customers under special weather conditions (light drizzle, we still HUNT!).

Our guides work very hard to keep the oral histories of Galveston alive and entertain. If you enjoyed the tour and learned anything new about Galveston...

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If a reservation has to be cancelled, customers will be charged a fee depending on how far
in advance the cancellation takes place. If the total fee is not refunded it is because we
compensate the tour guides who had already set the date aside:


  • Within 3 days prior to departure - 30% of total purchase amount

  • Day of departure or no-show - 100% of total purchase


Cancellation and Refund Procedure


1. You can submit your request via the Contact Us link.


2. You can submit your request with detailed explanation directly to
     Galveston Ghost tours by mail

     Historic Galveston Ghost Tours

     4509 Ave. P

     Galveston, TX 77551

Your refund request will be answered and processed promptly. If you do not receive the reply within one business day, please call the office immediately @ 832.245.0492. We will not be responsible if email, mail or texts fail to reach us.

NOTE: We cannot grant refunds more than 30 days after completion of tour.

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